Coelurus. (Hollow tail)

ERA: Late Jurassic ( Kimmeridgian 154.1 – 150.7 Ma ).
SIZE: Length 2 m (6 ft). Weight ? 20 Kg (44 lb).
LOCATION: North America.
FOSSILS: Postcrani al skeleton.


The head of Coelurus was slightly smaller than a man’s hand, with small, razor-sharp, curved teeth. It had long but weak hands.

Species list

C. fragilis Marsh, 1879 (type) that now includes C. agilis Marsh, 1884, and Elaphrosaurus agilis.
C. bauri Cope, 1887 is now included with Coelophysis bauri.
C. daviesi Seeley, 1888/Lydekker, 1888 is included with Thecocoelurus daviesi.
C. gracilis Marsh, 1888 is a nomen dubium included with Dromaeosaurus gracilis.
C. hermanni Osborn, 1903/Hay, 1930 is included with Ornitholestes hermanni.
C. longicollis Cope, 1887 is now considered to be the type specimen of Longosaurus.