(True Coelophysis)

ERA: Late Triassic ( Norian 220.7 – 209.6 Ma ).
SIZE: Length 3 m (10 ft).
LOCATION: North America


Two dorsal vertebrae and four partial caudal vertebrae , partial scapulocoracoid , pubis , partial ischium , ilium fragment, partial femora , partial tibia , metatarsals , phalanges . A complete right pubis originally referred to Coelophysis longicollis is also now referred to Eucoelophysis.


Eucoelophysis was a ceratosaur distinguished from other ceratosaurs by characteristics of the pubis and femur. It was originally discovered in 1993 and known as the Orphan Mesa theropod. It was much smaller and delicate than either Ceratosaurus or Dilophosaurus, and more closely resembled Coleophysis and Syntarsus. The lack of a skull makes it difficult to characterise beyond Ceratosauria.

Species list

E. baldwini Sullivan and Lucas, 1999 ( type ).