The intent of this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use is to clarify the types of information on offer on Dino Russ’s Lair and help out the potential contributor as to what types of sites are acceptable for inclusion.

Goal or Purpose for Dino Russ’s Lair

The goal for Dino Russ’s Lair has always been to provide one place where useful and up-to-date information on dinosaurs and other fossil vertebrates may be found.In order to do so I have tried to include actual information from my programs as well other useful websites, and thereby providing a portal to the vast amount of dinosaur information available on the world wide web. In searching out web sites to include on my various category pages I want to find those of use to my readers, and hopefully promote the science of dinosaur vertebrate paleontology in general. I try to sort out those which are not useful, or contain little information or incorrect information, or charge a fee for information which I think should be free to my users.

Standards for inclusion

To be considered for inclusion on Dino Russ’s Lair the following standards must be met, if your site fails on any of these, then it will not be considered for inclusion. It is my hope by presenting these clear standards which reflect my policies and beliefs, that any potential website contributor will be able to determine if their site meets these standards before contacting me regarding inclusion.

  1. The site must be informative, useful information on dinosaurs and other fossil vertebrates. I will not link to non dinosaur pages just because you include my link. My readers must find your link of use to their search for dinosaur information and I am unwilling to waste their time on links that would not be of use.
  2. No sites charging fee for information. I only support sites that provide their information free without charge. Sites that require fees (annual, monthly, onetime etc) will not be considered for inclusion.
  3. No new empty or place holder sites please: If your site is new and does not contain much if any information it will not be considered. Please wait until your site ready for the web with  enough information to be of use to my readers. Thanks.
  4. The sites must contain correct information, and not be misleading in anyway.
  5. Type of Information sites required. Sites must be such that they are informative in such way such as; museum exhibits, dinosaur digs you can join, educational sites for teachers or students, actual dinosaur reference pages, sites to visit – with illustrations and so on. Thus some simple basic sites (elementary school children projects, how I spent my summer, etc) are not really what I am looking for. There may be other places that links to such may be of use but they are not quite what I am seeking.
  6. Sites must be current. Any sites to be considered must be current, updated as new information is available and not become static or dead, otherwise they will not be considered. And if sites become dated and stale and this comes to my attention this is grounds for removal from my list. The web is a dynamic place and users are seeking new information. Some things may stay static and that is ok but the the web site itself should be a dynamic growing source of information.
  7. Commercial sites: Sites that whose primary and only purpose is to sell vertebrate fossils will not be considered unless they have a significant educational value to my readers and meet some criteria that I am still developing.

Submission of a website to Dino Russ’s Lair and updates

To submit a site that meets these criteria, please provide the link, name of the website, and also a short write up about what your website contains.

  • Please also include an official mission statement or goal for your website.
  • I will review your site, and it if fits with my stated goals for Dino Russ’s Lair, I will include the site and let you know once it is included.

Note: I am always on the look out for new sites whether they be yours or others, so site submissions from either category are acceptable. There simply is not enough time for me to constantly surf the web and find them all.

Dead Links: Please let me know if a link is dead or broken, or if a site somehow changes and no longer meets the above criteria so as to be useful to my readership.